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See How Easy It Is To Start Selling Your Ecom Products...
  •  Start Selling Fast: Your brand new store can be FULL of products to sell in just a few days.
  •  Add Products With 1 Click: Add new Done-For-You P.O.D designs and physical products to your store with 1 click.
  •  Fulfill Orders Automatically: Auto-fulfillment means you NEVER have to lift a finger to fulfill a single order from your eCom store
  •  Advanced eCom Training: Take your store to 6 figures and BEYOND with our advanced eCom training from proven 6-figure and 7-figure eCom store owners.
Why Slingly Dominates The Competition...
MASSIVE Done-For-You 
Product Catalog
Choose from a HUGE selection of both Print-on-Demand AND Physical Products to add and sell from your eCom store with just one click. With Slingly’s product sourcing and arbitrage, you’ll NEVER have to manually source products ever again!
Easily Manage MULTIPLE 
eCom Stores
You can easily connect and manage 
AS MANY eCom stores as you want! 
Whether you want to operate them 
yourself or sell them off for a profit, Slingly makes it 100% pain-free and 
easier than ever before.
State-of-the-Art Backend Software
Slingly is built on state-of-the-art backend software so new products can be uploaded and deployed in SECONDS. This is the most powerful and effortless eCommerce automation software ever to hit the market. Plus, you’ll even get access to OUR team of eCom Store Admins and Gurus!
The Ultimate Tool Set
  •  Print-On-Demand: 1000s of Done-For-You POD designs for shirts, tank tops, hoodies, tote bags, leggings, pillows, and more
  •  Physical Products : Done-For-You physical product catalogs so you can start selling anything in any niche right away
  •  1-Click Sourcing : Instantly source and deploy products from Amazon, eBay, and AliExpress with just 1 click
  •  Auto-Fulfillment : Set up auto-fulfillment so you NEVER have to touch a single product yourself - just start selling
  •  We Build Your Store: We build your store for you with our top-secret $8000 Shopify theme and auto-generated mockups so you can start selling FAST
  •  Multi-Store Manager : Easily manage as MANY stores as you want and generate spreadsheets for each at the click of a button
  •  Run An ECom Agency : Create another MASSIVE income stream by using Slingly to run your own eCom agency and manage stores for clients
  •  Facebook-Approved Images: We create high-converting, Facebook-approved ad images for ALL your campaigns
  •  Hottest Niches : Start selling to all the HOTTEST niches for any product right away - no research required
  •  $200K Targeting Library : Copy and paste all our BEST audiences after we spent over $200K on Facebook Ads
  •  Shopify: Use the #1 best eCommerce selling platform to sell ALL your eCom products
  •  ClickFunnels: Build your own high-converting eCom funnels...WITH auto-fulfill
  •  GearBubble : We make it as easy as possible for you to sell our Done-For-You designs
Effortless eCommerce Automation
Streamline your eCom business with our effortless, one-of-a-kind eCommerce automation platform.
Instantly generate product listsand CSV data so you can always be in the know.Easily track your store’sperformance so you can maximize  your profits and grow your business.
In Depth Metrics
How To Get Started With Slingly…
We’ve made the process of getting started with Slingly as easy as humanly possible, 
so you can get your eCom store up and running FAST!
Step 1: Click below to sign up for Slingly right away by choosing one of our two payment options.
Step 2: Sit back and watch as our expert team sets up your brand new eCom store FOR you.
Step 3: Start SELLING products 
in your eCom store in as 
little as 1 day! 
Connect With All The BEST 
eCom Software Platforms
Integrations include, but are not limited to:
See What People Are Saying About Slingly:
Here are some of the questions we typically get asked...
How much does Slingly cost?

We have two payment options. The first is one payment of $497 per year, and the second is 3 payments of $197 per year. 

We’ve done it this way to make Slingly as affordable as possible for anyone who wants to use it to launch and grow their own eCommerce store.
Can I sign up for Slingly even if I’ve never sold Print-on-Demand or Physical Products before?

YES! In fact, it’s even BETTER if you’ve never sold Print-on-Demand or Physical Products before, because Slingly is going to save you TONS of time and money.
You’ll be able to get up and running and start making sales MUCH faster than if you tried to figure it all out on your own and use a whole bunch of different tools to do what Slingly can do for you with ease.
Should I sign up for Slingly even if I’m not tech-savvy?

Yes - you do NOT need to be tech-savvy to use Slingly. We’ve made it as user-friendly as possible, and built it specifically for people who are not software engineers like me…;-)
That’s why our experts set up your store FOR you, just to make you get started on the right foot. Plus, our support team works around the clock to make sure that you get your questions answered and get any help you need to use Slingly.
Will I need a Shopify account to use Slingly?

That depends. We integrate with a variety of selling platforms, and Shopify is just one of them.
Which selling platform you choose is up to you, although many of them come at an additional cost (which is NOT included in your access to Slingly).
Is there any training to show me how to use Slingly?

YES! We’ve got a MASSIVE library of training for you how to use Slingly.
Whether you’re a total beginner to eCom or a veteran seller, we’ve got training to help you sharpen your skills and take your business to the NEXT level.
Is there any training on how to run Facebook™ Ads?

YES! We’ve got a ton of training on how to run Facebook™ Ads.
Plus, with Slingly you’ll also get all of our pre-approved Facebook™ Ad images that you’re free to use in your own ads.
On top of that, you’ll also get access to our Facebook™ Ad Targeting Library. This is the result of us spending over $200,000 Facebook™ Ads, which you’ll get to swipe and use for yourself!
Is there a community or Facebook™ Group I can join to learn more about how to succeed with Slingly?

We have both a Facebook™ Group and a Slack Group for Slingly users.
You’ll be able to connect with like-minded eCom store owners and entrepreneurs, ask questions, and learn from our 6 and 7-figure eCom experts.
Is there support I can contact if I have technical problems or can’t figure something out?

Of course. We have a world-class support team working around the clock to make sure you get the most out of Slingly.
You can contact our support team by [insert instructions here].
You can also start by asking any question you have in either our Facebook™ Group or Slack Group to see if you can get your question answered there.
Is there a money back guarantee?

Yes. We offer a 32-Day Money Back Guarantee.
If you take action on all the steps we recommend, follow the training we provide, and implement everything for an entire month and STILL can’t get results, then simply let us know. We’ll refund your entire investment, no questions asked.
Amazing Support & Community
Full support team and amazing community of over 5000 members
Want To Chat?
Got a question? Our live chat support team is standing by to give you the answers you’re looking for.
Ongoing Training
Learn about all the latest strategies and tactics that are working in eCom so you can grow your business fast.
Support You Can Count On
We’ve got real people ready and waiting to help you wherever and whenever you need it so you can get the most out of Slingly.
Ready To Start Selling?
With Slingly, you can launch a successful eCom store faster than you think. 
Sign up today and start selling right away!

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